Our Promise

Our Services

  • Commercial Construction
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Vacant Suite Preps
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Consulting
  • Project Management

We promise to do everything we can  to make the capital project and tenant improvement process a better experience for everyone.

  • We promise to communicate openly and honestly.

  • We promise to value all our stakeholders: our clients, property tenants and neighbors, our employees, and our vendors

  • We promise to do the right thing, always.
Commercial Construction
PA Construction has been assisting clients with commercial capital improvement projects in Southern California for ten years; from lobby and common area cosmetic upgrades to entire building rennovaiton PA Construction works with clients though every stage of the process.

Tenant Improvements
Tenant Improvements are our specialty. From a turn-key spec suite to elaborate creative office and retail space, PA Construction is adept at producing high quality tenant improvements with short turnaround times and competitive pricing with a full time staff and strong communication though transparent practices.

Construction Consulting
At PA Construction we understand that sometimes our industry expertise can be the most valuable service we provide to our clients, so we offer our consulting services to help with annual and capital expense budgeting, bid review, project acquisition due diligence and more.

Project Management
Our cleints are our highest priority and we understand our client's success depends on a variety of factors and not all projects are best suited for our construction services. When our clients have a project where another contractor is required, we are often inlisted as project managers to make the improvement process easier on property owners, managers and tenants. We frequenly provide project management services for owners and managers on projects outside our service area as well as for tenant improvement projects that require tenant-specific contractors.